HighCom Global Security (HCGS) Launches New Website to Better Serve Security and Defense Customers

  • HighCom’s website showcases its two divisions – HighCom Armor Solutions, Inc., and BlastGard Technologies, Inc.
  • The Department of Homeland Security has approved and certified the company’s ballistic armor and protective equipment
  • The company maintains its ISO 9001:2008-certfied Quality Management System and supplies over 20,000 pieces of armor per month

A global leader in blast effects mitigation solutions, HighCom Global Security, Inc. (OTC: HCGS) has announced the launch of a new website that represents its security and defense products brand, pursuit of innovation, and its effective acquisition strategy. The site is a portal into the company’s brand and its services. It demonstrates what has enabled HighCom to reach a level of sustained growth and give customers and investors unique opportunities in this highly specialized field.

The website incorporates HCGS’s two main businesses. HighCom Armor Solutions, Inc. is a designer and tester of body armor and personal protective equipment; it’s also a leader in manufacturing and distributing these vital products, including hard and soft armor, to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The company serves several military branches as well. Body armor products are sold directly on the website, making it easy for agencies to procure the equipment they need to protect personnel at all times.

A key part of HighCom is now BlastGard Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of proprietary blast mitigation materials. Its BlastWrap® technology, used on new products and to retrofit others, can suppress the effects of blasts and the fires that can result. The technology has been used in structural walls, commercial aircraft, cargo containers, aboard naval vessels, and in fuel tanks. It’s also been implemented aboard offshore platforms, in fireworks plants, and by explosives manufacturers. The Safety Act certified product is on the “Approved Products List for Homeland Security” and approved by the General Services Administration.

HighCom Global Security has had much success in 2017, introducing new products to its line of armor, bullet proof vests, shields, helmets, plates, rifle armor, vest attachments, ballistic blankets, bags/pouches, and civilian armor systems. The latest additions to the product line include the Level IIIa elite high-performance soft armor panel, and the Level III++ multi-curve hard armor ballistic plate. In addition, the company has undergone a corporate restructuring that recently added Craig B. Campbell as HCGS’s chief executive officer. The reorganization also included a name change, formation of a new board of directors, and division of the business into two distinct entities. HighCom Armor Solutions now serves the global market of personal protective equipment, while BlastGard is devoted to blast mitigation technology serving a diverse global market.

Department of Defense contracts have represented a major portion of HighCom’s business. It supplied nearly a million pieces of ballistic armor over about a decade. Founded in 1997, the company has stepped up its output capacity and can now supply over 20,000 pieces of armor monthly. Its ISO 9001:2008-certfied Quality Management System continues to guarantee that all products manufactured and delivered by HCGS are approved by the International Organization of Standards, guaranteeing compliance and effectiveness. The company’s quality system has been in place since 2005.

About HighCom Global Security, Inc. 
Highcom Global is a leading provider of equipment and services for the security and defense industries. We acquire, manage and build industry leading businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical solutions that address the needs of our customers. Our businesses continuously develop innovative solutions that enable our customers to achieve their objectives. With an experienced team and a proven track record of solid growth, we’re establishing a broad portfolio of security businesses to provide our customers and shareholders with exceptional returns. Its HighCom Armor division provides high performance and affordable body armor, personal protective equipment, and armor systems and related accessories, while its BlastGard division haspatented BlastWrap® technology that acts as a “virtual tent” to effectively mitigate blast effects and suppress post-blast fires.

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